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Buckingham Bikes

Neil`s latest race report-Battle on the Beach

March 27, 2017 By: Buckingham Bikes

I had an amazing day at Pembrey Country Park, Llenelli, South Wales where I took part in the Battle on the Beach race. The start time at 12pm saw me peddling furiously down the 3 miles of flat sand, then into the singletrack and back to the start to repeat this a further two more times. It was a great event, really well organised and we were spoiled with the weather which was warm and sunny.
I am delighted with my 2nd place in the Singlespeed sub-category and thank Buckingham bikes for your on going support!
Cheers Neil.

Now In Stock- Trek Ride +

December 12, 2016 By: Buckingham Bikes

Noticing the increasing trend towards E-Bikes for leisure and city riding we have decided to stock a larger range going forward, most notably with Trek's Ride+ range. Trek are known for making some of the world's best bikes: from hybrids and mountain bikes to road and cyclocross, their bikes are used and known across the world. All Trek bikes feature a lifetime frame warranty and the Ride + range includes a 2 year warranty on all electrical components,

This range of bikes is designed to make commuting fun and sweat free- eliminating the need to drive over shorter journeys whilst still giving you luggage carrying practicality- or enhance your leisure riding by taking the sting out of the hills and increasing your ability to explore and adventure.

We stock a wide range of these models and sizes in store and all are available to test ride.

Shimano STEPS

All of the Trek leisure and commute models featured here incorporate the Shimano STEPS battery and motor system. The STEPS motor is housed in the bottom bracket for optimal weight distribution and the mid drive motor offers the perfect combination of smooth acceleration, good range and speed.

The battery is mounted on the down tube to free up cargo space on the rear rack as well as keeping the weight low for better handling. An Integrated control unit allows you to view current speed, distance travelled and range remaining with the electrical assist and filter through the data screens without removing your hands from the bars.


Trek Conduit Bike

The Conduit+ is Trek's commuter focused electric bike- with integrated lights, a practical rack,mudguards and puncture resistant tyres- it's ready to get you to work quickly and sweat free.

Low maintenance and great reliability are assured- with Shimano's wide range 10speed Deore gears making light work of hills  and helping you power along the flat- and great stopping power in all weather is guaranteed by Shimano M315 hydraulic disc brakes.

Dual Sport+ & Neko+

Trek Neko +Trek Dual Sport +

The Dual Sport+ and it's women's specific equivalent the Neko+ are designed for the leisure and casual rider. With puncture resistant tyres and suspension forks to add comfort over rougher roads and tracks, these models are built for adventure. Great for bridleways, farm tracks and gravel trails.

The bottom bracket mounted motor ensures optimal handling, nobbly tyres provide great grip and fast rolling on any surface and hydraulic disc brakes give excellent stopping power in even the worst weather.

With full Shimano running gear and Bontrager's own brand of components, every one of these bikes is built to last and give many years of enjoyment.


Neil's Race Report from Tide2Tide 6hr Mtb Race

October 18, 2016 By: Buckingham Bikes
2nd October 2016, Tide2Tide 6hr Race
Hi all,
Last weekend I took part in the tide to tide race held at Pembrey Country Park near Llanelli, South Wales.
I left Aylesbury at 7am for a steady but rainy drive down the M4. As we were heading down there the forecast wasn't very good with heavy showers forecast all day, so I was expecting a bit of a wet race. However as we pulled up to the country park the sun was shining and the forecast had improved.
I signed on, got my bike ready, I was going to be riding my Singlespeed bike, and had something to eat. Start time was 2pm.
As I was having some lunch the the rain was back just to give us another soaking!
I set up my pits and got ready for the start.
1.45pm and we're all listening to the briefing as the sun comes back out.
So 2pm and we're off, I now have 6hrs to ride as many laps as I can of the 7km course. The course itself was a mix of fabulous singletrack, some double track and the beach, which I knew from the Battle on the Beach race back in March would be power sapping!
So as the first lap was ticked off, which is always a bit of a congested one, I settled into a rythym trying to keep to as near to 20 mins a lap. Trying to keep hydrated and having an energy gel per lap. As the first 3hrs came I was feeling pretty good, riding at a comfortable pace, the beach section though was indeed painful with a push up over the dunes at the end before getting back onto the singletrack.
Into the second half of the race then, unfortunately there wasn't any announcements as to where I was position wise, but luckily one of my pals spotted me and told me I was going well and in 7th place, but catching 6th. With this in mind and plenty of time I pressed on.
With about 11/2 to go the course had to be changed as the tide had indeed come in and so we had to ride along the other side of the dunes, which was still soft but not as sapping as riding into the headwind on the exposed beach front. I switched my lights on as the sun faded away at about 7pm through the tree lined sections, and with an hour to go I still felt quite good, bit tired but I put as much as I had left into the time left.
I realised my last lap was going to be a squeeze to get back to the finish in time but I managed it with 3mins to spare to the cut off at 8pm.
I was happy with my 4th place in the end with 16 laps, I just missed catching 3rd by 40 seconds though, but that's racing for you!
So all in all it was a great race, well organised and a fantastic venue!
My thanks as always to Dan and the guys at Buckingham Bikes for their support and advice to keep me racing!
Cheers Neil.

Neil's Race Report from Torq12:12 2016

September 2, 2016 By: Buckingham Bikes
28th Aug 2016, 12:12 TORQ in your Sleep.
Hi All,
I got down to the event on the Saturday after lunch and set up my tent and kit for the weekend, I was lucky to get a trackside pitch where I could set everything up for my pits during the race.
I then went off for a practice lap of the 8 mile course which had an elevation gain of just under 170m and was pretty rooty and gnarly in a lot of its course. Ok so this was going to be a tough one!
I had an early night and tried to get as much sleep as possible.
Morning came, and after my usual breakfast of porridge, it was soon 11am and time for the race briefing.
11.45 then and I was on the start. Then it raining, but just as the race started the clouds cleared and we were away! As always in mtb racing it's a fast start, but I just got myself into a fast but smooth pace with another five or six riders, for the first couple of laps until the nerves calmed down and I got a real feel for the course. I then started to find my own space and pace, and tried to keep my lap times under my planned 54 mins a lap. Unfortunately I suffered a mechanical problem on lap 4, my crankset started loosening off, luckily I had my spare bike at the pits but I had to get the number board on, and faffing around cost me a bit of time, but once sorted I was away again, and that's how it went lap after lap until 7pm where I had to stop again to put my lights on the bike, and change helmet for one with a pre-fixed on light. As darkness came, I actually felt vitalised and started speeding up, I think the coolness of the night helped as it had been pretty hot during the afternoon. So with no problems, other than starting to feel pretty beaten up from the course, I knew I had to just keep going to the end. With a new rule this year that if you finish outside of the 12 hours then that last lap wouldn't count, I got in to the arena on lap 13 at 11.06pm, so I knew that realistically I couldn't squeeze another lap in, and that was that.
I finished in 3rd place in the vets cat and 2nd Singlespeed overall with 104 hard ridden miles under my wheels!
I was well chuffed with my result!
Thanks as always to Dan and the lads at Buckingham Bikes for their on going support and to Gorrick for putting on a fantastic event.
Cheers Neil.

Neil Dingle Torq 12hour Event


NEW 2017 Trek Bikes are here!

August 9, 2016 By: Buckingham Bikes

Trek have released their new range of bikes for the new season..........yes that's right 2017 models are here.  I bet you thought it was still summer of 2016 right?  well those boys and girls at Trek are always one step ahead......or months ahead in this case.  The new range are bigger, better and more competitively priced than ever before.  Order yours today! If you're not sure what model best suites you, give us a call for some advice.2017_trek1


July 7, 2016 By: Buckingham Bikes

Another successful year at the Tour De Vale Bike Event.  2000 riders took part on 3 different routes around the beautiful Buckinghamshire countryside.  It all started at Stoke Mandeville Stadium, home of the Paralympics and as always the WheelPower team put on a fantastic event.  As with every year we were on hand to give Mechanical (not emotional) breakdown support!  We had a great day on the stand, fixing those last minute niggles and everyone was on top form.  It was all for a great cause and the sun even came out, all in all a great day.  See you next year!

Neil's Race Report

June 25, 2016 By: Buckingham Bikes
Gorrick Summer Monkey 2016
Neil  Dingle's Race report from Sunday 19th June

Hi all, so this was the first time I had taken part in this race, usually I would choose the longest distance category (6hr) but I decided to race in the Singlespeed cat which would also put me in the 4hr male vet cat concurrently. I had raced a few weeks ago in Scotland at Glentress in the 7hr race where I had come in 2nd place, so I was feeling pretty confident going into this race.
I arrived early as always, signed on, checked the bike over and had enough time for bit of a warm up. The 6hr race and the 2hr race started at 9am, and my race started at 11am once the 2hr guys and girls had finished.
The format was slightly different from normal, where by any over running of time would not count the last lap, so as I started I knew after my first lap how many laps in total I should be able to do.
Ok so 11am, and we're off! As always in mtb racing it's a fast start, I had got myself positioned so I could keep an eye on the other SS racers, as we flew off up the starting fire road, I realised one of the other SS was pretty fast, I kept with him for about half a lap, but felt I was blowing too hard, so backed off to settle into a more comfortable pace and had to let him go, experience has taught me to always race your own pace!
As I came into the start/finish line in 27 mins I knew that 8 laps would be what I had to aim for. I took a gel and concentrated on keeping a good pace, using other racers from the 6hr race as targets to keep my pace up. The next 3 laps came and went, so at halfway point the commentator announced that I was in 3rd place in the Male vets, just behind 2nd. Time to press on! Next lap and I came in to hear I was in 2nd and only a few seconds behind 1st. I worked out who I was racing and could see although he was going well, he was slowing. I came into the end of lap 6 in first place. I knew then that I just had to keep going to the end as hard as I could without completely doing myself in. I took a caffeine gel on the last two laps, which helped give me a boost, and without any dramas I managed to come in first in the Male vet cat by 1.30 mins. As for the Singlespeed category, I came in 2nd 3 mins behind (the other guy was in the under 40 cat). I was absolutely delighted with my result. Standing on the podium in my new Buckingham bikes top felt great. Thanks as always to Dan and the lads at the shop, for keeping me going with everything needed for racing!
Cheers all!

Neil Dingle's Singular Bike

Gorrick Kawasaki G100 Race Report

May 16, 2016 By: Buckingham Bikes
Last weekend I took part in the 8 lap (100km) open male category mtb race. Start time was 8.30 so I arrived an hour before, having left Aylesbury at 6.30. I signed in, got my number board on my bike, checked tyre pressures and got ready for the start. As this was a long race, I gently warmed up, then made my way to the start line. Last year I took part in this race and I had started too fast, then faded badly at the end of the race, so this time I was determined to keep a decent pace, and try and stick to that throughout.
So the starter sounded the siren and off we went. The course was a mix of singletrack that undulated through woodlands with bomb holes and a couple of short fire road sections, one piece of tarmac, some short sharp hills just to cause some calf burning, and a field section through the start finish area.
Part of my strategy was to use SIS gels as fuel to keep me going. I took two per lap at the same place each time, and for hydration I was using more SIS products.
After the first lap I came round in 27th place, in 44 mins, just under my planned time of 45. Lap 2 and I had pushed on to 22nd, my time pretty much spot on again. As the race progressed my times were pleasingly all around 43 mins, and by half way I was feeling good.
The Kawasaki G100 is a fantastic race, where other races join the main race, so there was a 6 lap race that joined in, then a 4 lap and a 2, so the course can get a bit busy in places, but having other fresh riders on course gave me someone to focus on and keep me going.
My times were consistent during the second half of the race, I was staying well hydrated and for the last lap I pushed on as hard as I could, I was feeling pretty good, with no cramps or pain.
I finished in 11th place, just missing 10th by a mere second! The good part was that I'm pretty chuffed with my pacing.
My times ranged between 43.16 to 44.32 a lap and I completed the race in 5hrs 51.
A good start to the endurance races then. Next up is a 7 hour race in Scotland at the end of the month.
I'd like to thank Dan at Buckingham Bikes for the on going support and fantastic advice in particular on keeping fuelled up and hydrated before and during the race with SIS products.
Cheers all.
Yours in biking!

Electric is the future

May 11, 2016 By: Buckingham Bikes

Juiced2The all new JUICED marks the launch of Saracen's new range of electric bikes.  Juiced is a bike for your commute. Built around 27.5” wheels the Juiced is a fast tarmac eater or cheeky dirt path roller. Developed using Shimano’s benchmark STEPS e-bike system, the Juiced is a natural feeling bike with a little extra go. It’s not about cheating or selling out – It’s about riding to work and arriving ready to attack the day cool, calm and collected. Never tried it? Don’t believe it? Then you need to try it! No stuffy sit-up-and-beg ride here just a stylish bike for covering distance rapidly with ease, and did we mention its a whole load of fun!

Battle on the Beach race report

March 26, 2016 By: Buckingham Bikes
After deciding that camping in a tent at the end of March might not give me the best night's sleep, I found myself driving off from Aylesbury at 6 in the morning heading for Llanelli in South Wales, to take part in my first ever beach race.
The race takes place at the Pembury Country Park an absolutely stunning area with forestry, sand dunes and a beach where the tide takes the sea out leaving a huge flat beach.
I arrived in good time, checked in, got my race number and timing chip and had a coffee, before going through my usual race ritual. I put my bike together, race number on, clip the zip ties, make up some SIS drinks and get changed ready for a warm up lap.
As I was racing my trusty Cannondale Singlespeed the warm up lap was going to be the first time I had to try out my setup with a 36t chainring and 16t cog, I rode down to the beach and through the singletrack and felt quite comfortable, all good then. So about half an hour after my warm up I'm lined up with over 500 other riders for the mass start. On the stroke of midday, the starters siren sounded and we were off.
The start was across soft sand, the best choice was to run with the bike to the harder sand jump on and away I went. Four miles of flat out riding I thought my body was going to explode and I was grateful to reach the turning off the beach and into the dunes, from here the course had a mixture of fire road and a lot of singletrack, some areas got a bit crowded, which held me up a bit, but also a chance to catch my breath and take on some drink. The course was just under 10 miles, and before I knew it I was back to the beach for lap 2, again another 4 miles flat out into a headwind until the relief of the dunes, back round again I was feeling pretty good and pushed on, back to the beach, this time I was lucky to get in with a group who were prepared to share a stint on the front like a chain gang off and on, until the dunes, then giving it my all as much as possible until the finish line! Phew, done! What can I say the race was fantastic, I  came 4th in the Singlespeed category and 45th in the Male vet. category.
This event was awesome and one I shall definitely be doing next year.
Thanks as always to Buckingham bikes for the support, service and help.
Cheers Neil.

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