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Bronze Service/Safety Check - £40

Bronze Service is our basic service which includes adjustment of the brake system, Gears, Headset and Bottom Bracket. Within the Bronze Service we also lubricate the chain, Inflate the tyres to correct pressures. All Checks done constitute Pre Delivery inspection.

Adjust: Brakes
  Bottom Bracket
Lubricate Chain  
Inflate Tyres  
Checks done and deficiencies notified constitute standard Pre-Delivery Inspection

Bronze Plus Service - £60

Bronze Plus Service is a Bronze Service including the fitting of parts, For Example a new chain and cassette may be required on the bike.

Silver Service - £70

Silver Service is everything from a Bronze Plus service but includes Headset and Bottom Bracket   stripped, inspected and reassembled with fresh grease. Also hub cone adjustment is included in the Silver Service.

Bronze+ Service plus  
Grease: Headset
  Bottom Bracket
Adjust: Cones

Gold Service - £90

Gold Service is everything from a Silver Service however the bicycle is treated to a full valet, Hub cones are stripped, inspected and rebuilt. The wheels are also dished and imperfections trued to best possible standard.

Silver Service Plus  
Bike Valet  
Grease: Cones
  Outer Cables
Clean: Chain
Wheels: Dish & true small imperfections best possible

Labour Rates Explained

Prices indicated are based on a rate of £45 per hour

Bike Valet

At request, we will thoroughly clean and degrease your bike. This is included in the price of Gold and Platinum Services, but costs £10 extra with any other service or repair.

Our Work is Guaranteed!

Any work done at Buckingham Bikes Repair Centre is guaranteed for a period of 3 months. If you are unhappy with your repair, please return it to us at the earliest opportunity and we will rectify any problems. Any new parts fitted are covered by the manufacturer’s warranty (usually 12 months).

Individual Jobs

The following prices are based on each individual job. If multiple jobs required please add the labour prices together. For example; Replacing a rear mech and adjusting the gears would be £10.00 + £7.50.

Hourly Rate £45.00
Minimum Charge £5.00


Repair puncture (replace tube)   £5.00
Fit new tyre and tube   £7.50
True wheel   £15.00
Rebuild wheel   £40.00
Fit new spindle/bearings (front or rear)   £15.00


Adjust front and rear brakes   £15.00
Replace brake cables   £10.00
Bleed brake (each brake)   £20.00
Servicing and adjustment of hydraulic systems from   £30.00


Adjust gears   £20.00
Replace gear cables   £10.00
Fit Gear mechs   £20.00
Replace chain   £10.00
Replace cassette/freewheel   £20.00
Replace chainring   £15.00
Remove and refit chainset   £20.00
Remove and replace bottom bracket (cartridge type)   £25.00
Service hub gears   from £40.00
Gear fault-find   £10.00

Problems located in fault-find rectified at hourly rate. If fault is simple, rectification is included.


Fit new forks   from £30.00
Fit suspension forks   from £30.00
Lower Leg Service   £40.00
Air Can Service   £40.00
Service suspension forks   from poa

Replacement/Fitting of New Components

Headset   from £25.00
New Frame   from £100.00
Stem   from £10.00
Handlebars   from £15.00
Saddle   £5.00
Bar Tape   £15.00
Grips   £5.00
Pedals   from £5.00
Pannier racks   £15.00
Child Seat   £15.00
Full Mudguards   £20.00

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